speaker rentals

Various brands and sizes 


  Our speaker selection consists of small ceremony size speakers all the way to large concert systems. When selecting a speaker setup, the size of your audience and what you plan to play through them or amplify, should be your biggest determining factors. It is always better to have a more powerful speaker system then a under powered one. If you have a large audience and a low powered setup the result can be speakers distorting to provide the necessary output for the large crowd.  Below are listed some of our most popular speaker packages. We have various brands and models that may not be pictured or listed. So if you are looking for something specific, just contact us.      

Wedding speaker rental fairfield CT

wedding ceremony, Single speaker on stand with lavaliere microphone

Includes a single powered 10” speaker and wireless lapel microphone. This is good for a audiance of 25- 50 people. Another speaker can be added for a additional charge.

Speaker rental Greenwich CT

2 Speaker Package with wireless microphone and small mixer for phone playback

This includes two 15″ high powered speakers, speaker stands, wireless microphone, small mixer, cabling for laptop or phone playback. Delivery and setup included.

Wireless Microphone Rentals CT

Wireless Mic Package for Theatrical Performances 

We offer three styles of wireless microphones. Earsets for theater, lavalieres for presentations and handhelds for a wide range of entertainement.

Audio setup Westport CT

2 speakers with subwoofers

Includes two 15″ speakers, two 18″ subwoofers, wireless handheld microphone, small mixer and cabling for laptop or phone playback. This system will accomadate 100-200 person audiance. Delivery and setup included.

Sound system rental New London CT

2 Double 15″ speakers with 2 Double 18″ subwoofers

This includes two double 15″ high powered speakers, two double 18″ subwoofers, wireless microphone, small mixer, cabling for laptop or phone playback.This system will accommodate 150-300 people. Delivery and setup included.

PA system rental CT

Same as above system twice the size

This system is good for a audiance between 300-600 people.

Concert sound system rental CT

Large concert system for audiences from 1000-5000 

This can be a small to medium format,  flown speaker system. Call to speak about customization and options.

Speaker Rentals Bridgeport CT

Extra Large Concert System For audiences 5000 and above

Includes large proffesional series ground stacked speaker system with large format mixing system.

 Serving Bridgeport, Brookfield, Danbury, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Madison, Waterbury.