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Projector and screen sizes for any event


  We offer a large variety of projector and screen combinations. When selecting a projector and screen package, you want to take into consideration your room size and ceiling height. In order for a large screen to be setup, you must have adequate ceiling height. The three most popular screens are tripod, pullup and fast fold. A tripod is usually selected for a small or medium sized room. Pullup screen is used for medium to large room sizes and a fast fold for large ballrooms. Projector type is also a important consideration, a short throw can go close to the screen and eliminates the problem of people walking in front of the projector. If a large screen is desired then a powerful projector with a high degree of brightness should be selected with a minimum of 5,000 lumens. Below are some of our standard package combinations. All packages include delivery and setup, a onsite technician is a additional cost. Our projector and screen rentals in Connecticut are not a additional charge.

Projector Rental Wesport CT

Regular tripod screen w/projector

Includes 5 x 7 foot screen, 3200 lumen projector and the proper dongle to connect your computer to the projector. This is recomended for smaller settings such as restaurants or offices. Audiance sizes ranging from 25 to 50 people can comfortably view this.

projector rental wilton ct

Large Tripod screen w/projector

Includes 6 x 8 foot tripod screen and a 3,200 lumen projector. This setup works well with a crowd size of 100 to 150 people. Delivery and setup are included and a bottom skirt can be added for a additional charge.

projector and screen delivery Greenwich, Connecticut


Includes a 12 foot pullup projector screen with a 5,000 lumen projector. The setup works good with a lower ceiling height and gives you a large viewing screen.

Fast Fold Screen High School rental Stamford, CT.


Includes a 9 x 12 foot screen with 3,600 lumen short throw projector. This is a very large screen and more powerfull projector can be selected for a additional charge.

Projector and Screen Rental New Haven CT

Double Tripod screen & 2 projector’s

Includes two 6 x 8 foot tripod screens, two 5,000 lumen projectors and hdmi splitter. This is a cost effective solution for audiances of 300-400. Projector and screen rentals in Connecticut are not an additional charge.

Projector and Screen Rental Greenwich CT

Double rear screens  w/large projectors

Includes two large 9 x 12 rear projection screens with two short throw projectors and hdmi splitter. Larger projectors are available for this setup.

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