Video walls & tv monitor rentals

Large video displays for outdoor or indoor use


  LED video screens are a newer technology that has many advantages to a projector and screen. Video walls are very bright and can be viewed from a distance. They come in different resolutions and unlike a projector and screen, they can be viewed during the daytime outdoors. We offer them in different sizes and resolutions. A video wall will need a onsite technician while a TV monitor wont. Our inventory also contains a variety of TV monitors ranging in size from 20″ to 80″. Depending on your type of event these can offer a polished look to Galas, Weddings, Auctions and Presentations. TV monitors take up very little space relative to other forms of display technology. Our LED video wall and TV monitor rentals in CT are delivered.  

55 inch monitor rental fairfield connecticut

55″ TV monitor w/5 foot stand

Includes a single 55” tv monitor on a five foot stand. Delivery and setup depend on distance.

70 inch led tv rental greenwhich ct.

70″ TV monitor on 6 foot stand

This includes a 70″ monitor on a 6 foot stand. Taller stands are available. Delivery and setup included. 

80 inch tv rental new haven ct

80″ monitor on 8 foot stand

One 80″ monitor is include with stand and necessary cabling . Delivery and setup included.

LED monitor rental Stamford, CT.

Double 80″ monitor setup

This includes two 80″ large tv monitors on 8 foot stands. HDMI spliter and cabling, length depends on distance of placement.  Delivery and setup included.

LED Video Wall rental hartford, CT.

10 x 6.5 foot video wall

Includes video wall 10 x 6.5 feet with stands and cabling. Price is for indoor use, outside use adds a charge. Delivery and setup included.

Video wall rental New Haven, CT.

12 x 6.5 foot video wall indoors

Includes 12 x 6.5 foot video wall with truss stand.

LED Wall Rental Bridgeport Connecticut

Large Outdoor video wall

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