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  A Plus offers stages from heights of twelve inches up to five feet.When selecting a stage it is important to consider how much weight you intend to have on stage and weather or not the ground it will be placed on is even or not. Extreme weight or uneven ground can considerably effect the estimated price.When the ground is uneven the difficulty of leveling the stage is increased. Another factor to take into consideration is the access to where the stage will be setup, does it need to go up two flights of steps or down a hill.When going above a certain height safety railing must be added. Skirting can also be added to all stages. 

Riser Rental New Haven


4 x 8 foot low riser

Delivery and setup included.

Stage rental Greenwich CT

12 x 8 foot low stage

This is a good setup for a small panel discussion. Delivery and setup included.

Stage riser rental Stamford

20 x 16 foot low stage

This size stage works well indoors as it is low in height. Delivery and setup included.

Catwalk Stage rental Stamford CT

24 x 4 foot length catwalk stage

This setup is primarily used for a fashion show. Delivery and setup included.

Stage setup Fairfield CT

24 x 12 foot stage

This is one of our more popular setups. It will accomadate a band or a small theatre production. It includes stage and one set of stairs.

Stage rental new haven CT

Large custom size stage 

Different sizes and shapes can be selected. We can help you design it.

Concert barricade rental new london ct

Large concert barricade 

Provides professionalism and safty to any concert.

Serving Bridgeport, Brookfield, Danbury, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Madison, Waterbury.